Mar 31, 2015

and sent the ICMP echo request with the default of 32 bytes of data. The total length of the ping packet is 74 bytes. The packet can be broken into the following protocol elements: Ethernet Header; IP Datagram(packet) IP Header; IP Data Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) - GeeksforGeeks ICMP will take the source IP from the discarded packet and informs to source by sending parameter problem message. Time exceeded message : When some fragments are lost in a network then the holding fragment by the router will be droped then ICMP will take source IP from discarded packet and informs to the source, of discarded datagram due to How to perform TCP PING with IP address and port Dec 08, 2015 What is ICMP Port Number | Explained with Ping ECHO and Jul 23, 2020

Jun 08, 2020

from the pix, pinging remote machines, the ping source ip address is likely the outside interface's ip address. if this address is not included in the tunnel (most likely) it will not be able to ping those machines. Try ping inside , I think that will send the ping but with the soruce ip of the inside interface. That might work.

ICMP for IPv4 - Network Direction

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