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Chapter 6: OpenLDAP using OLC (cn=config) Schemas all have a DN of the form cn={Z}xxxx, cn=schema, cn=config. As an example, if you added the schema above it will have a DN similar to cn={6}test,cn=schema, cn=config (the value 6 inside the braces may be higher or lower depending on how many schemas have been loaded). Note this value. Stop slapd. PHP: ldap_dn2ufn - Manual The function of bryan will only work if you start with an Organization and using only an Organizational Unit as a container and the object is an CN. [SOLVED] Filtering OU in DistinguishedName - PowerShell

A DN encapsulates a Distinguished Name (an ldap name with context). A DN does not need to be fully distinguished, or extend to the Root of a directory. It provides methods to get information about the DN and to manipulate the DN. The following are examples of valid DN: cn=admin,ou=marketing,o=corporation; cn=admin,ou=marketing

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Ldapwiki: DN Syntax DN Syntax is a LDAPSyntaxes for Distinguished Name of an LDAP Entry as defined in RFC 4512. The OID for DN Syntax is The LDAP-specific encoding of a value of this DN Syntax is defined by the distinguishedName rule from the String Representation of Distinguished Names . Examples (from RFC 4514):