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Dec 11, 2013 · When adding your billing address you must select “United States as your country and use a valid 5-digit ZIP code. The zip code must also be valid for your billing address. For Canadian postal codes you can simply add digits before or after the letters. E.g. Canadian postal code of A1B 2C3 can be 00123.

Oct 15, 2014 · Instead, I opted to create a U.S. PayPal account using my U.S. ZIP Code and Agentra, Illinois fake address. I was able to do this because I had Unblock-Us running in the background on my PC, giving me access to Paypal’s American website. I filled out all other credit card information (that wasn’t my State or ZIP Code), as I normally would. Feb 13, 2020 · The best hulu VPNs list; How to unblock hulu from anywhere. Unblocking hulu is extremely easy. Just follow the steps below to start streaming hulu now: Select a VPN with a US server that works with hulu. How To Watch Hulu Outside The US. The biggest problem with Hulu, and similar websites as well (Netflix, for example), is that they are geo-restricted. That means that you can’t access them if you don’t live in America. You can’t even access them if you DO live in America, but you’re leaving it for some reason, like traveling abroad c) Use the USPS zip code tool to verify that it is a valid existing ZIP code. d) If it is not an existing code, then add 1 to the last digit and try to verify again. So if our example of '53100' is not a valid zip code, then try '53101'. If it's still not valid, add one (+1) to the last digit until you reach '53107', resulting in a valid US ZIP

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