Is Citrix Presentation Server “worth” the extra $300-400 on top of Terminal Server? What about one of the server-based computing products from one of the other companies that costs less? (Jetro Platforms, 2X, Sun/New Moon/Tarantella/ProPalms, etc.) This question is as old as Terminal Server itself.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is virtualization technology that hosts a desktop operating system and applications on a centralized server in a data center. This enables a fully personalized desktop experience to users with a fully secured and compliant centralized source. Microsoft Teams in a Comparison Microsoft Remote Desktop Services vs. Citrix … Comparison Microsoft Remote Desktop Services versus Citrix Xenapp 1.1. Presentation and delivery of applications • With Citrix XenApp you can publish applications in a very easy way with a central console. • With MS RDS you need to publish applications on each MS RDS server separately, no easy central administration is available. 1.2. Do you need Citrix, or is Microsoft Remote Desktop enough? Microsoft includes load balancing, the ability to route users to a server where they have a disconnected session, a Web interface, an RDP Secure Sockets Layer gateway, seamless windows and app publishing, and the list goes on. Citrix, Quest and others have also continued to …

Citrix requires that you use a terminal server cal and a citrix cal and the citrix cals are around 200 (I think) been a while since I bought some. with citrix if you get alot of users you can take a couple servers and load balance the applications so each user will get moved to the server with the most resources available, fewest users, etc all

Terminal Services has been renamed Remote Desktop Services. In Windows Server 2008 R2, all Remote Desktop Services role services have been renamed. The following table lists both the former name and the new name of each Remote Desktop Services role service.

Kaspersky Security 10.1 for Windows Server is a solution for protecting corporate servers and data storage systems. The available protection scope (servers running Windows, data storage systems) and the set of functional components depend on the type of purchased license.

Jul 22, 2019