The Great Green Pension Hold-Up: Jeopardizing Retirement

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Individuals and businesses are required by law to pay various forms of tax. Individuals pay income tax and health surcharge on their income. Businesses must pay VAT, Corporation Tax, Business Levy, Green Fund Levy, and other Miscellaneous Taxes.

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The state pension remains the biggest component in retirement for most people, accounting for 59% of income for single pensioners and 35% for couples. Surprisingly, older pensions (those aged over 75) have higher average incomes that younger pensioners.

If you are eligible for the RMS 'auto registration renewal' service offered to some Pensioners, you need to pay your CTP Green Slip more than eight (8) days before the registration renewal date. After you pay your CTP Green Slip, we recommend you check with RMS directly, to confirm if … CTP Greenslips in New South Wales | Compare the Market NSW drivers must purchase CTP Green Slip insurance before registering their vehicle. CTP Greenslips in New South Wales. To be able to register your car in NSW you must pay for CTP insurance. Coined ‘Greenslip’ in NSW because of the colour of the page it was printed on, this form of third party insurance is compulsory by law for all drivers Seniors Car Insurance for Pensioners and Over 50's With Budget Direct, you can insure your car for its market value or, in some cases, for an agreed value. Market value is the reasonable cost to replace your vehicle with one of the same make, model, age, mileage and overall condition.. To get an idea of what your car may be worth, search for it in the Red Book or on car sales websites. CTP Green Slip savings | Service NSW