Oct 26, 2019 · Select game servers closer to you. Many games have the option to either browse through available servers or set your matchmaking region. Selecting a location close to you is the absolute most effective way to decrease your ping. The process for this will vary wildly depending on the game you are playing.

Game Server Ping - check your game pings Hearthstone Ping Test Hearthstone is the wildly popular free-to-play, turn based, online digital collectible card game in the vein of Magic the Gathering card game. see Hearthstone Ping Test How To Reduce Ping In Online Games Using VPN - LimeVPN With that said, ping is a method of measuring latency you experience with your PC. The time taken by your machine to send and receive a packet of data from the server determines how slow your game is. The lower the ping between two network devices, the more they communicate effectively. How do I set up in-game ping on my Nighthawk gaming router Aug 30, 2018 Lower Ping Rate With These Cool And Easy Hacks

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