samba4 - How to configure Samba to work with Windows 10

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The wins support and the wins server parameters are mutually exclusive; you cannot simultaneously offer Samba as the WINS server and use another system as the server! Typically, one Samba server is set up as the WINS server using wins support, and all other Samba servers are configured with the wins server parameter pointing to the Samba WINS Indicates that Samba should act as a Netbios name server (WINS) for the local network. This option has been removed from the default configuration in Buster and must be added manually if desired. This is the default value for this parameter; however, since it is central to the Samba configuration, filling it explicitly is recommended. Feb 17, 2019 · First of all, if you have any WINS related settings in your Samba config (including "local" or "domain" master), disable/remove/comment them out. If SMB1 is enabled, kill that as well. (There's already a control to disable SMB1 added in FreeNAS 11.2-U2 - it's about 5 items down in the "SMB Service" panel.

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