Aug 22, 2017 · Updated Virgin Media is seemingly suffering a series of outages accross the country, with aggrieved customers using alternate methods to air their ire at the telco.. A number of Virgin's customers have been in contact with us over the past day or so to complain about not receiving the service they have paid for.

Is Virgin Media down? How to check the status in your area Jun 25, 2020 I have a fault with my home phone | Virgin Media 1. Check for known issues in your area. It might be that your services are down due to a known issue in your area. So it’s worth checking our Service status page for up to date information on known issues. ← Virgin Media or Mobile down? Current problems and issues Can virgin media confje if there is a problem in the area. If not can you investigate as it has been pretty slow since the last few days. Can you have the courtesy to update your clients and tell them if there is a … Virgin Media outage? Current problems and issues

Virgin Media is the leader in the UK when it comes to broadband speeds.BT is working on delivering its Ultrafast fibre connections with speeds up to 314Mb – but when this will be widely available, we don’t know – at the start of 2020 it's still looking a long way off till widely available.

Is Virgin Media down? How to check the status in your area Is Virgin Media down? Virgin Media, which has 3.2million customers in the UK, last saw problems with its service on July 6. At present the telecoms firm is reporting good service across the UK. How do I check the service status of Virgin Media? Virgin Media has a dedicated web page where you can find out if there are any problems in your area. Talk Talk, Virgin Media and BT explain reason for mass

Apr 28, 2020 · Virgin Media customers are encouraged to check the service status in their area via this site. An intermittent broadband issue that started yesterday evening was fixed in the early hours of this

Customer Support | Check Your Service | Virgin Media Ireland Check services in your area Learn about any faults or maintenance that might be affecting your broadband, TV, phone or mobile. Use your account number to run the check: Not a valid account number . Virgin Media Ireland Limited, Building P2, EastPoint Business Park, Clontarf, Dublin 3. Virgin Mobile Outage: Service Down and Not Working May 08, 2020 Virgin Mobile down? Current outages and problems @oxfordcityunis1 @virginmedia I know it’s not your fault personally but this is a load of rubbish i have called virgin mobile and they say they are unaware of any issues, thankfully its just not affecting the virgin mobile signal as i know others in the area on other networks that have no signal, poor service