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Jul 06, 2020 How to use proxy with Android? - MonkeySocks Mar 10, 2018 How to Manually Setup a HTTP Proxy in Firefox on MAC OS 4. Select "Manual proxy configuration" and input the HTTP proxy Server address from our list here. Check "Use this proxy server for all protocols" Check "Do not prompt for authentication if Password is Saved" 6. Click "OK" 7. Now browse to any web page and you will be prompted to input your TG Proxy or VPN username/password. Which is the correct setting for Manual proxy setup

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FoxyProxy - proxy:// protocol proxy name: Sets FoxyProxy to Use Proxy XXXX for all URLswhere XXXX is the proxy specified in place of proxy name. If more than one proxy with the same nameexists, the first is selected. If no proxy with the specified nameexists, FoxyProxy sets its mode to disabled.

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Aug 08, 2018