Feb 28, 2017 · Step 3 - After deleting the app, I am able to get to the tv.youtube.com site to cancel. According to support, I click on my name and manage subscriptions. I cannot click on my name though. I'm logged in and the only option it gives me is to select another account or sign out. Step 4 - I go to Google payments to attempt to cancel there.

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If you have a YouTube channel then you should also have the knowledge of how to delete YouTube channel and the whole account as well. The reason to delete your YouTube channel might be that you are shutting down a particular channel or you are not getting what you expected. Whatever the reason might be, you can remove the entire YouTube account or just a particular channel.

Apr 29, 2020 How to cancel your ClickFunnels account – ClickFunnels Step 2 Cancel Your Account Account Cancellation is broken up into 3 Steps. For Step 1 select the yellow button labeled Cancel My Subscription. Step 2 will prompt an Exit Survey. Select one of the options to Cancel your Subscription. Step 3 will offer you free training and a chance to join the Affiliate Program, scroll down to select Cancel or

Closing your YouTube account will delete your videos, channel, and profile. You will also not be able to open a new account with the same username.If you still wish to close your YouTube account

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