In cryptography, a certificate authority or certification authority (CA) is an entity that issues digital certificates.A digital certificate certifies the ownership of a public key by the named subject of the certificate. This allows others (relying parties) to rely upon signatures or on assertions made about the private key that corresponds to the certified public key.

Expiring SSL certs expected to break smart TVs, fridges Jun 10, 2020 Support for urgent Trusted Root updates for Windows Root Apr 09, 2020 CRL's and Certificates CRL's and Certificates: U.S. Treasury Root Certification Authority (TRCA) Treasury Root Certificate (Issued August 5, 2006); CRL; Serial Number: 44 3E A7 3A; Thumbprint: 02 FF F6 B3 FC 81 5C 57 E6 83 2D FC 38 61 85 13 33 B0 C3 0B

The root certificate is a Base-64 encoded X.509(.CER) format root certificate from the backend certificate server. It identifies the root certificate authority (CA) that issued the server certificate and the server certificate is then used for the TLS/SSL communication.

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Name File Certificate Thumbprint (sha256) GoDaddy Class 2 Certification Authority Root Certificate: gd-class2-root.crt (PEM) gd-class2-root.cer (DER) C3 84 6B F2 4B 9E 93 CA 64 27 4C 0E C6 7C 1E CC 5E 02 4F FC AC D2 D7 40 19 35 0E 81 FE 54 6A E4

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