In the app you want to connect, find the button/link asking you to connect your Twitter account (usually "Connect to Twitter", "Sign in with Twitter" or something similar). Depending on the app, you may be routed to a Twitter website or to the Twitter for Android app to authorize the app to use your account.

Social media apps like Twitter often let third-party apps connect to your account. This lets you use your Twitter credentials to sign into an app, or use a Twitter client. How to deactivate your Twitter account - The Verge Feb 25, 2020 How to log out of Twitter for Android

Anyone wishing to deactivate his or her account will be glad to know that the process is fairly simple. Unfortunately, you can not do this via Twitter is mobile app so you will have to this the desktop way : visit their website and tinker around. Here is How to deactivate twitter account and take a definite (30-day max) break from the social

Oct 25, 2019 How to Deactivate Twitter Account 2019 || DEACTIVATE

How to Deactivate a Facebook Account

The Twitter Lite app is a data and storage friendly way to use Twitter on a smartphone. Key features of the Twitter Lite app are: Loads quickly on 2G and 3G networks. Minimizes data usage — turn on data saver mode to download only the images or videos you want to see. How to delete your Twitter account - Sep 17, 2018