5. In the box labeled "Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name:", enter "promail.ptd.net" in all lower case letters, without the quotation marks. 6. Place a "check" in the box next to "Outgoing server requires authentication" by clicking on the box once with the left mouse button. When you are finished, click "Next".

outgoing e-mail on mail not working - Shaw Support I'm using a MacPro & the Mail e-mail system. My incoming mail is being received but I'm unable to send. I'm told that it is a server issue with Shaw, but when I called the technician said that they are not trained for Mail configurations. [Solved] Yahoo Mail not Working on iPhone? Here Are Fixes Apr 14, 2020

When you use this port, the outgoing mail goes through the ISP’s SMTP server. To work around the problem, many third-party hosts offer access to their SMTP server via a port other than the standard port 25. For example, the iCloud SMTP server (smtp.icloud.com) also …

Mar 22, 2015

outgoing mail not working over 2 years ago Using an iphone 6 (but replicated issue on iphone 7 and ipad) when not on Cox wifi, I am not able to send emails from the Cox email account. All outgoing server settings are correct.

Oct 27, 2017 Ipage webmail: I cannot get my outgoing email server to