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VMware vRealize Automation Documentation Welcome to VMware vRealize® Automation™ documentation. Learn how you can provide a secure portal where authorized administrators, developers, or business users can request new IT services. Manage your cloud and IT resources, while ensuring compliance with business policies. Apache log4net – Apache log4net Manual: Configuration Configuration parameters map directly to writable properties on an object. The properties available depend on the actual type of the object being configured. The log4net SDK documentation contains the API reference for all the components included in the log4net assembly. How To Guide: Set Up & Configure OpenVPN client/server VPN HOW TO Introduction. OpenVPN is a full-featured SSL VPN which implements OSI layer 2 or 3 secure network extension using the industry standard SSL/TLS protocol, supports flexible client authentication methods based on certificates, smart cards, and/or username/password credentials, and allows user or group-specific access control policies using firewall rules applied to the VPN virtual interface.

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Configuration Management Best Practices - Inedo Maintain documentation: Documenting network changes that have occurred in real-time is important in order to make troubleshooting, inventory, validation, and audits more efficient. Configuration integrity checks: By routinely checking the integrity of configurations, any potential problems (such as duplicate IP addresses or protocol mismatches 11 BEST Software Configuration Management Tools (SCM Tools

View the online documentation for the current branch of Configuration Manager at docs.microsoft.com/configmgr: Introduction to Configuration Manager. Get ready for Configuration Manager. Start using Configuration Manager. Manage enterprise operating systems with …

Configuration (Spring Framework 5.2.7.RELEASE API) Configuration classes must be non-final (allowing for subclasses at runtime), unless the proxyBeanMethods flag is set to false in which case no runtime-generated subclass is necessary. Configuration classes must be non-local (i.e. may not be declared within a method). Any nested configuration classes must be declared as static. Documentation | SonarQube Docs Just look under the "?" in the top menu to be sure you're always looking at the right documentation for your version! SonarQube® is an automatic code review tool to detect bugs, vulnerabilities, and code smells in your code. It can integrate with your existing workflow to enable continuous code inspection across your project branches and pull Configuration Documentation - an overview | ScienceDirect Configuration management (CM) is a practice that involves documentation of a device's configuration, as well as keeping that documentation up-to-date, so that any future changes can be controlled and tracked. By having this information, you can replace devices and make changes to the network quickly.