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What is the meaning behind the song, 'The Rainbow I love this song because it's whimsical and, even more importantly, deceptively profound. Under the simplistic banjo strumming and presentation from a beloved childhood character, the singer uses a series of rhetorical questions to make some reall Affine connection - Wikipedia the connection is torsion-free, i.e., T ∇ is zero; parallel transport is an isometry, i.e., the inner products (defined using g) between tangent vectors are preserved. This connection is called the Levi-Civita connection. The second condition means that the connection is a metric connection in the sense that the Riemannian metric g is Closer Connection Exception to the Substantial Presence

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Connection - HTTP | MDN Connection: keep-alive Connection: close Directives close Indicates that either the client or the server would like to close the connection. This is the default on HTTP/1.0 requests. any comma-separated list of HTTP headers [Usually keep-alive only] Indicates that the client would like to keep the connection open. Connection Synonyms, Connection Antonyms | Merriam-Webster

The Closer Connection Exception for Students. If you are a student and you do not qualify for the closer connection exception described above using Form 8840, you may qualify for the closer connection exception for students only. Refer to The Closer Connection Exception to the Substantial Presence Test for Foreign Students. References/Related

CONNECTION Meaning: "state or fact of being connected," also connexioun (in this spelling from mid-15c.), from Old French… See definitions of connection.