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Correct Answer: how do i deactivate a phone and activate you can go above to your account under My Verizon .. there is a link to activate a device and to remove the old.. make sure you watch the steps so that you do not end up with it showing you added an additional instead of replacing.. or you can call directly in.. you also may use the chat feature under the contact link above How to Remove Mobile Phone from Your Twitter Account You would see your mobile phone number that you have added to your Twitter account. There are also various other settings related to your mobile phone usage through Twitter. Scroll down at the bottom and click on the link Delete my phone as shown in the picture below: This would immediately remove your mobile phone number from your Twitter account. How do I deactivate my phone? - Verizon Community I have a basic phone for me and an iPhone 4S for my daughter on the same plan. It is just too expensive to afford anymore, and I don't really use my phone, so I want to cut it off, but keep hers on. My contract does not end until May 30, 2013. How do I deactivate my phone, and how much will it cost? How to deactivate your Twitter account on an iPhone, and

Read more: How to Backup and Restore Contacts in Android Phone Easily. Delete or Deactivate Twitter Account Permanently. Here is the step by step process to delete or deactivate Twitter Account: First, visit the Twitter website using any of your devices like a computer or Android. Log …

Username, email, and phone Account settings Notifications Verified accounts we will be unable to deactivate the account on your behalf. I deactivated my account, but it keeps getting reactivated. By using Twitter’s services you agree to our Cookies Use. We use cookies for purposes including analytics, personalisation, and ads.

2019-3-29 · When you deactivate your account, it will be retained for 30 days on the Twitter servers. After that, the account and all associated data will be deleted. You can reactivate your account any time during the 30-day period by logging in to the account from the Twitter home page.

Leon Neal/Getty ImagesYou can delete (deactivate) your Twitter account on an iPhone in a few quick steps.If you're tired of Twitter and wish to deactivate How to Delete Twitter Account on iPhone? Learn the Best Way! Twitter is a fun and exciting platform but if you think that your days of sharing photos, tweeting out jokes, and retweeting have come to an end, then perhaps it is time to delete your Twitter account. There are a number of ways to delete/deactivate Twitter account on iPhone. How to Deactivate/Delete Instagram Account On Phone